Thursday, 24 April 2014

Martin Creed @ The Hayward Gallery // London

 Hello again!

After seeing photos of his balloon installation all over social media and doing some online research, I finally decided to go and see, the Turner Prize winning, Martin Creed's "What's the point of it?" retrospective at the Hayward Gallery. At £8 for a student ticket and a free cloakroom, I thought the price was well worth the exhibition - it's definitely one where you can really have a laugh with your friends!

Momo and I hanging out on a pink platform with grass outside the gallery!
 Outfit: Coat and Shirt (Zara), Skirt and Jumper (Topshop), Shoes (Vagabond)

Pretty word murals outside the Hayward Gallery

Street Art and Word Art from the balcony of the Hayward Gallery

Although conceptual art has long been criticised for lacking skill and rejects the traditional rules of fine art, I feel that it does bring something interesting to art - the experience. Conceptual art can often make the viewer think and feel different emotions and ideas and I definitely think Creed's work made our experience highly enjoyable through that.

Pretentiousness aside, some of the artwork was really meaningless BUT at the same time a lot of it was interesting and hilarious. I really loved the neon word art throughout the exhibition - not only did it look great but the giant (over 6'7) "Mothers" one I felt did actually make me feel a bit scared - as the artist intended!

"MOTHERS" "When you're small, your mother is always really big. So it seemed like a good reason for this to be big and... scary." Source: Martin Creed
 Also we can't forget the balloon room - now that was fun! Work No.200 "Half the air in a given space"(1998) was so unique - I've never been immersed in a room half-full with balloons and believe me it was so fun!

Hanging out in the balloons! SO STATIC!

A bit lost in a sea of balloons.

We were lucky we went on a quiet week day afternoon so there were no queues and it was very quiet inside the balloon room so we could fully enjoy it! hair went cray cray. It went so static the balloons were actually following my hair around !

A short panorama of the room!

Happy outside on the balcony against this brick wall..which was pretty cool!

Afterwards, we engaged in a little bit of shopping to pass the time and then Matt and I ended up in Misato for a spot of cheap and filling Japanese Food!

I couldn't resist.

 Anyway, hope you enjoyed my short review of the Martin Creed Exhibition - I'd definitely recommend going if you're interested but I'd say take some art-interested friends because it's one to socialise about! 

(Also it's a great way to procrastinate while enriching your cultural repertoire!)

Lots of Love,
Yinyin xx

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