Sunday, 28 July 2013

My Favourite iPad Games

Hi everyone!

So I'm a huge fan of my iPad and I absolutely love it - I carry it all over the house with me and whenever I travel! I do enjoy playing a good game on it so here are some of my favourite games on the iPad!

Uno & Friends

I've been really enjoying this game at the moment (as mentioned in my June Favourites post). Check that out to see my opinions on this game!

Hope you like my cute user photo in the game 'The Great Catsby' that I found on tumblr! How cute!
Not sure how much the other players appreciated my picture though...

Grand Theft Auto III

Quite a boy-ish game but I absolutely love the Grand Theft Auto games! Although its awful, I've been playing them intermittently (I've never owned the game) since I was 12/13 - influence of older cousins! I suppose my sadistic side enjoys this game slightly? 

The iPad version is really fun and quite easy to control - both movement & shooting! There's also quite a large amount of missions to do so its definitely value for money!

Whale Trail

This game is absolutely adorable and I think its a game suitable for all ages - especially children as it features calm, happy music with bright colours and easy controls.

The aim of the game is to navigate the while up and down to eat these colourful rainbow bubbles in order to fuel it further -the whale is always losing fuel so crashing into grey clouds or not collecting bubbles will cause it to lose energy and end the game!

Take It Easy

Take It Easy is a great game and is slightly hard to explain to someone who hasn't tried it why it's fun! It definitely helps to engage your brain a little as the key to winning is by joining up hexagons with same coloured pipes in order to reach different sides of the hexagon and thus gain those points on the pipes. 

There are a variety of different games with different rules as to how many points you have to collect, where you can put hexagons down and time limits. It teaches you how to play the game from the beginning which is very helpful and straightforward and before you know it you'll be on this game for hours!

I got this game free when it was the app of the week however currently its £1.99 on iTunes.

Draw Quest

I saw Draw Quest on another blog about a month ago and thought it looked so cute and fun! Although I don't play this all the time, I really enjoy it when I do and it definitely engages the creative side of my brain! 

Song of the Moment

Sebastian Ingrosso, Tommy Trash, John Martin - Reload

 Do you have any great iPad game recommendations?

Much Love! 
Yinyin xxx

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