Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Tag // What's In My Bag

Hi Everyone,

I was recently tagged by Charlotte from Fashion Girl to do a 'What's In My Bag' post! Do check our Charlotte - she's very talented and amazing at making & designing her own clothes as well as putting together outfits! 

Strangely I do enjoy watching these tag videos on YouTube so maybe one person out these will find this post slightly interesting!


This Zara bag is the one I've been using the most at the moment. I tend to change between a few bags quite often but like a small child - I'll cling onto what's new for the novelty of it! If you're interested, it also comes in black with white detailing too!

 (Zara Everyday Shopper, £22.99) 

I literally emptied out my bag to show you what's inside it but yeah I haven't actually 'staged' this post - authentic mess that I carry around with me at all times!

Glasses & Sunglasses
I'm short-sighted (and it has gotten much worse in the past year due to extensive computer/phone use) so I pretty much need glasses when I'm needing to focus or look at something! Sunglasses are self explanatory - they look cool too! These ones are by Models Own off ASOS.

My purse is essential for obvious reasons and its from Ted Baker - I love it so much!

Disposable Camera
I mentioned this in my May Favourites but I'm currently carrying it around with me at all times incase there are any great snap-worthy moments!

British Weather is so unpredictable that its always essential to carry one of these around - even in June!

Soap & Glory Hand Food and Vaseline Rose Lip Balm
Love this hand cream - a great handbag essential for me! Oh and it's pink!
Lip balm's also essential - its not the best on earth but it'll do the job when required.
I don't carry make up because I won't bother to touch it up! If anything I might take a lip colour occasionally but that's about it.

Zara 'Textures' Roller-Ball Fragrance
Absolutely love this fragrance and its roller-ball packaging is so handy for using out and about! I lost one I bought last year so I purchased another when I bought this bag.

Red Envelope
My birthday's coming up next month so my grandparents gave me my lucky birthday red envelope early!

Misc. Bits
Other things I have are my Oyster/Uni Card carrier from Tiger (such an awesome store of random bits!), Keys, Pink USB from Sony (handy, you never know when you'll need it!), Apple earphones and a pen.

I've left out my phone because that's not usually in my bag when I'm at home but that is also something I can't live without - I feel lost and lonely without it!


Thank you so much for reading!

I'd like to tag Boonya from The Arty Wardrobe, Emilie from Someone In The Corner, Kirstie from A Yellow Brick Blog and Bel from Rags of Love.
(and anyone else who's interested!)

Let me know if you do a post in the comments! Also let me know what you think of what's in my bag - I love reading your views! :)

Yinyin xxx

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  1. Red envelopes are one of my favorite things about being Chinese :) And that bag is such a perfect color!


    1. Yes - red envelopes are the best! :D x

  2. The purse is gorgeous. I carry Hand Food in my bag too, it really looks after my skin

    1. Thank you! Yeah hand food's amazing! I love the scent of Soap & Glory products! x

  3. i like looking into my friends purses esp during sleepovers or when im just bored. the things inside our bags says a lot about ourselves. thanks for sharing this :D i also get red envelops on my bday / christmas. i thought that was an old & dying tradition :D

    1. Hahaha as long as it keeps you happy then its cool! :D Thanks for the very sweet comment! x

  4. Oh your bag is so neat and tidy! If I turned mine upside down ...a lot of rubbish would fall out haha

    xx http://everything-classy-and-fabulous.blogspot.com.au/

    1. Thanks Bee! Aww I'm sure it would all be rubbish with a meaning? ;D xx

  5. I always love seeing these posts! Cute purple sunnies.

    xo erica

  6. Beautiful bag, love the bright color!

  7. Great post, you seen to have a lot in your bag :)

    Since GFC connect is closing down would you like to follow each other on bloglovin?


  8. Tis idea abt what's in ur bag is awesome!

  9. I really like posts like these, its so fun and interesting to see what other fashionable bloggers carry around. Thanks for taking the time to stop by. Happy Friday doll!

  10. I can see why you would use that bag everyday - it's so roomy and cute! Love your wallet =)
    - Che


  11. I love your bag Ms. Yinyin! You've got an awesome stuffs! :)


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