Monday, 17 June 2013

Life // Home from University


Can't believe 1st year at university is done.
I can't call myself a Fresher anymore!

I've been on a ferocious job hunt for temporary summer finances recently and fingers crossed the one interview I've been invited to will go well today! Might be starting up a small entrepreneurial project soon.

I really haven't been up to much lately...a lot of hanging around with the boyfriend and playing games (Grand Theft Auto and Sims 3) is sad! Watched Despicable Me yesterday and it got me so excited for the second movie - Agnes is so cute!

I've also done a fair bit of cooking since I've come home - the kitchen and utensils at home are so much better than university!  My mum's been wanting to try my pancakes so I decided to make her this for breakfast a couple days ago!

I always just wing it with pancake mixtures - following recipes for such a simple thing is too tedious!

Also, yes I've decided to jump on the instagram band wagon - always used it just for effects and for personal reasons but might try and engage with the social media now! Check it out here!

On Wednesday, I went to see the Hangover III with some old school friends since we were all back from university.

It was pretty hilarious - especially the scene where Alan has a quite heated encounter in a gold shop! It didn't really live up to the other movies however it was still a laugh and it was a great ending to the trilogy.

One of the highlights of the film trip was when my friend and I both bought cute Odeon 'Kids Mix' deals in these adorable little boxes! Great deal too compared to other extortionate cinema snacks. Definitely appropriate for the movie that we were imminently about to love the Hangover trilogy!

Also went out for dinner with the family and some of our friends from America in China Town which was lovely - can't say I don't enjoy having some great Chinese food in Central London!

(Floral top - Topshop, Blue Midi Skirt - ASOS, Cardigan - H&M, Handbag - Zara)

This is the outfit I wore these - another take on the ASOS midi skirt I've been styling in recent blog posts!
I really need a hair cut! Fringe is getting way too long that I'm clipping it back the whole time!

Thanks for reading/flicking through the pictures!

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  1. Aww these pancakes look SO yummy! <3 Love your outfit honey, it's gorgeous and you look so pretty and sweet! :))

    Andrea | RosyChicc

    1. Thanks Andrea - they were DELICIOUS! :P xx

  2. hwaaa,, what a cute pancake <3 hihihi .. you r gorgeous dear ..


  3. ur look is so pretty, that skirt <3

  4. congrats on finishing your first year! and GL with your new project! :)

    Metallic Paws

  5. This looks great! I am about to follow you, maybe you could head over to my blog and follow me too?


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