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Ebay Picks // June


I've seen quite a lot of these eBay posts at the moment and I think they're great! eBay is like a multi-levelled labyrinth full of trinkets so I thought I'd share some of my favourite things that I've found on there at the moment.

I haven't purchased off any of these sellers so unfortunately I can't vouch for their service but I love the look of these products! I'm going to Asia in 2 months so I'm not going to spend money on purchasing things I can buy there!


again_shop (£12.88)

I absolutely love these shorts and at £12.88 with free shipping, they're very well priced! Florals are timeless for summer so they'd look great with a sheer blouse or statement tee! 

These shorts also come in a variety of different prints and colours too.

again_shop ($14.57 ~ £9.47)
This top is so feminine and elegant - would go perfectly with casual jeans or a patterned midi skirt and wedges!


again_shop ($9.99 ~ £6.49)

I really like the colours this top come in and similar to the one above, its a very feminine piece with light details perfect for pairing with strong patterned trousers/skirts!

again_shop ($12.59 ~ £8.18)

Really love the simplicity of this blouse but the back detail makes it slightly more revealing and interesting. Perfect on a night out or casual paired with practically anything!

again_shop ($14.70 ~ £9.55)

Really love this suspender skirt/pinafore-style skirt! With this style so fashionable this season, this is a bargain compared to the £40 denim pinafores Topshop & ASOS are selling. The colours are perfect for summer too!

cd9911 (£4.99)

Transparent clutches (although not the great for safety) are becoming very popular at the moment with celebrities and the fashion blogger world!

This clutch comes in at just under £5 which is a great deal as well as coming in a variety of colours to make your summer outfits pop! 

Willabelle Ong's latest personalised transparent clutch (link)


cityofhair ($4.54 ~ £2.95 + £2.20 P&P)

Now I can't vouch for this product in real but I think (on image) it's a pretty fantastic dupe of the Tangle Teezer and MUCH CHEAPER too. It costs ~£5.15 with delivery (dependent on exchange rates) - less than HALF the price of the Tangle Teezer in boots.

I've posted an image of the brush bristles of my Tangle Teezer below - they look so similar! 

If anyone gives this a try - let me know if I've been ripped off! ;D

My Tangle Teezer from Boots (£10.99)


style-angle ($106.99 ~ £69.52)
Bit of a splurge of an item but I think this real leather tote bag looks gorgeous! Looks great for work/school/university and the simple colour range with the classic shape makes the bag so versatile and can be worn with any  outfit!

style-angle ($106.99 ~ £69.52)

I occasionally sell and buy on eBay so although I'm not an expert, here are some tips I have for buyers!

eBay Buyer Tips

**For Buy-It-Now purchases, always sort by 'Price + P&P: lowest first'  - it'll guarantee you the lowest price overall if a seller lists the same product multiple times!

**For auctions, sort products by 'Time: ending soonest' to pick up the biggest bargains!

**Always check through what else a seller's selling - you might find the product you want cheaper under a different name and find other products that you'd like!

**Spend time using eBay if you can - there's usually a way to find a cheaper price if you look hard enough!

Kirstie at A Yellow Brick Blog also did a fantastic post on eBay buyer tips - be sure to check her post out!


Thanks for reading! Let me know if you do purchase any of the items above - I'd love to know how they turned out once they arrived!

Yinyin xxx

Obsessed with this song.


  1. The crochet shirts are my favourites! and same I've been playing that song non stop recently!
    - Charlotte
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  2. These are such great picks! Thanks for sharing :)


  3. Ooh.. I love everything! Especially the tops! ^^

  4. Hey yinyin, thanks for dropping by my blog! If you like these pieces you should totally come to Asia. These apparels are everywhere on the streets at a bargain too! x

    Many kisses
    ♡ Jaslin from

  5. great picks! i love ebay haha esp the stores that have free shipping :)
    love that genuine leather tote bag! its gorgeous!

    xo; L&M
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