Saturday, 18 May 2013

The Great Gatsby

So yesterday night I went to see the Great Gatsby in Leicester Square with mon petit ami with immense excitement after hearing the soundtrack and seeing the stunning Baz Luhrman style visuals in the trailer.

Leicester Square Vue: Bustling.

I enjoyed the film hugely and I'd definitely recommend it to others to see it as the visuals and music were just fabulous! Not the mention the eye candy on offer (thank you Mr DiCaprio, it was no Magic Mike but it was a lovely and classy alternative!).

The vibrance truly gave the film a special touch. Although I have never read the novel, and I will now since it's been lying on my iPad since I saw the trailer last Autumn, I think it helped to emphasise the amazing wealth of the time as well as the surreality of that.

Not to mention the fashion, absolutely fabulous! I especially love Daisy's (Carey Mulligan)'s headdress and fur stole in one of the scenes. Absolutely stunning. Daisy's sparkling chandelier dress in that scene (Prada) is also an absolute girl's dream.


The glamour and sparkle of the era was definitely well represented by the flamboyant, elegant and beautiful costumes.  Contrary to the evening standard's review on it looking like Accessorize had exploded (or something like that) I completely DISAGREE, the sparkle works. Leave it alone!

Carey Mulligan looking incredible.

The music was also absolutely fantastic - a fusion between the past and the present added to the surreal and contemporary feel of the movie. My favourite were definitely Lana Del Rey's 'Young and Beautiful' and Andre3000 and Beyoncé's 'Back to Black' (Cover of Amy Winehouse). My only criticism is that the movie did not feature much of the soundtrack which was a shame as the songs have definitely received a huge hype online - this did not match the underuse in the film.

(Lana Del Rey: Young & Beautiful)
Overall, an absolutely wonderful film! The meaning to the story really hit me hard at the end, it made me feel quite emotional but at the same time I was held back due to the darkness of the film.  Usually I'd cry from this sort of this film but the dark storyline really held me back. If anything, I felt frustration at some of the characters at the end and their dark nature. It was definitely a great story and a great visual experience.
(Oh yes.)
Cheers to Baz Luhrmann.
Oh, and to you Jay Gatsby!
Hope this inspires you to make some time and see this spectacle of a film!
Yinyin xxx


  1. Great post! I definitely need to go and see this and read the book too!

    Hannah x

  2. Oh wow it sounds like a fab film!!! I love the pics and clip you chose! I think I need to go and see this film xx

    Gemma | ♥ International MAC RiRi Woo giveway on my blog!

  3. Ah really desperate to see this! Thank you for your comment! x

    1. I'd definitely recommend it! Hope you do find time to :)

  4. My friend has free tickets to the movie so I'll be seeing it in the coming weeks. im really looking forward to watching it! I've studied the book in school so it'll be interesting to watch


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