Friday, 31 May 2013

Summer Swimwear /// Student Budget Style


Summer beach season is fast approaching as June rolls in so I thought I'd do a post about swimwear out there in 3 budget categories - Under £15, Under £30 and £30+ - something to suit everyone!

As a student, I thought it would be helpful to find bikinis to suit everyone's budget this summer - realistically, no one's really going to pay £50+ for a bikini they'll only wear a couple times this summer (unless you're working/loaded)! If I had that money, I'd rather spend it on the actual holiday!

1 - Topshop £12
2 - BooHoo £14
3 - Littlewoods £12
4 - ASOS £10
Bikini Top No.4 is great if you already have old matching bottoms and want to revamp and old look!
I was shocked by the amount of choice for bikinis under £15! BooHoo and Littlewoods definitely have more in this price range and I'd definitely recommend checking out their products!

1- Missguided £19.99
2 - BooHoo £16
3 - River Island £25
4 - River Island £22
5 - Topshop £25
Under £30 was a surprisingly hard price range - nice bikinis are shockingly expensive!? I'd definitely check out Missguided if you like bikini no.1 as they do a lot of lovely styles as well as a blue/purple variation of this bikini. ASOS also house a lot of great styles as well as River Island.


1 - ASOS £32
2 - ASOS £30
3 - Topshop £32
4 - Black Milk Clothing £58
Easiest price bracket to shop for as there are a huge number of expensive bikinis on the market however I tried to stick close to the £30 mark as most students don't want to be spending loads on such small pieces of material! Black Milk was just a bit of a splurge item although I've heard great things about their quality and they really do make truly unique pieces!
Hope you enjoyed the post! Are you going anyway exotic this summer?
Yinyin xxx

Marina Bay Sands 'Infinity Pool', Singapore - PLEASE LET ME GO! :O


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  1. I adore all of these but my favorite one is this tropical one from ASOS. Love your picks darling, and your blog is really sweet! xx

  2. Hi :) thank you for the lovely comments on my blog :)
    I really like yours so I'll be following ;)

    x Elise

  3. love the designs of those suits! and marina bay sands pool are the bomb! <3

    Letters To Juliet

  4. Great ideas, I needed some for my holiday! I love your blog, so yes to reply to your comment on my post. I would love to follow each other!

    Followed on GFC and bloglovin! Please do the same.

    Beauty Baroness ☮♥

  5. I love the patterned ones! and the flamingo swimwear is crazy but I think it's cute ^^

    Fashionably Sparkly

  6. Love number 2, the lavender! Very Pretty!

    I completed the post from your nomination for the Liebster Award: You can see the post here: Liebster Award
    Thanks again for nominating me!!

  7. I love those designer bikinis in a reasonable price. I can buy a lot and switch the whole summer.


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