Friday, 3 May 2013

Glimpse of my university room...

Definitely not the prettiest room in existence but I'm developing an affection for it the closer we get to the end of term! I'm going to be quite upset leaving my baby on 22nd June! :(

Collage consisting of various pretty postcards
Some of these I printed off tumblr but some notable images are the little Simon's Cat cutout which I got from the 2012-13 calendar, the pink patterned card from the inside of a Gu "AfterDark Souffle" and my weird abstract sheep on grass postcard from Tate Britain.

Simon's Cat incase anyone hasn't marvelled at how cute his little animations are!

Make-Up bag consisting of my daily essentials!

Skincare vanity case - a bit of a random jumble of things.
Loving my special pink ASK Italian pinwheel - added bonus to eating there; hopefully they weren't for the little kids?

The measly it's been stuffed to the brim with clothes!

My desk and shelves: I've got a slight pink and turquoise theme going through it...
Procrastination heaven and Reading hell. :(

The books on the bookshelf + motivational sweets. We all know which ones I'd reach for first...
They're so fun! You never know what you're going to get! Except cinammon; cinammon's disgusting and definitely not a happy treat.
Books! I only take my favourite (useful) books to uni...
The Simon's Cat book is absolutely wonderful and brightens any day! Primrose Bakery's book never fails to make me incredibly hungry and inspired to bake - the icings in that book are SO tasty!


Thanks for taking a peep!


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