Monday, 6 May 2013

Easy 'Healthy' Revision Snacks

So I've been revising as it may be obvious from all the previous posts and I have a terrible need to munch and crunch while I study. I have an 'eat well-do well' philosophy for exam time so I try to stay off junk foods unless its completely necessary!

Here's a few snacks I've been eating in order to satisfy my need to munch. Hopefully if you've come here looking for ideas it might help you in your quest for food!

'Healthy' because they're not really as healthy as just not snacking like crazy!


Rivita Minis
Sweet Chilli Flavour

These crunchy rye rectangles are low in saturated fat, fats, calories and sugars so they're a good alternative to crisps! They're super crunchy and taste great! I prefer the sweet chilli flavour but they also do salt and vinegar.


'Snack-Size' Eat Natural Bars
Cranberries, Macadamias and Dark Chocolate

These delicious, soft and chewy bars are gluten free and taste absolutely great. Although they're full of sweet things, they taste great and definitely give a good kick of energy while doing work!

They're also extremely dangerous. I can polish one off in seconds and with pleasure!


Easy Peeler Nardocots and Bananas

Fruit is an obvious option and I'm very into bananas and nardocots at the moment- I eat those like crazy! Some good ideas to spice up plain peeled fruit is to eat it with yoghurt and honey or even bake it into a fruity muffin!

Strawberry, Banana and Orange Zest Muffin (Kinda collapsed a little because I didn't let it cool!)


Twinnings Camomile, Honey & Vanilla Tea

As an alternative to black tea which can be high in caffeine, I like to have the Twinnings Camomile, Honey and Vanilla tea. I also like to add a teaspoon of honey sometimes just to give it a lovely flavour - I find fruity/herbal teas always smell wonderful but just taste of extremely mildly flavoured hot water.

Hope this has inspired you to try a couple (possibly) new things!

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