Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Hi Everyone!

Sorry for the recent lack of blogging - have been in Amsterdam over the weekend and celebrating finishing my exams!

I went to Amsterdam with 7 other friends and after a gruelling 10 hour coach journey, we arrived in this beautiful, picturesque city! Although I was here 2 years ago, it was lovely to come back and re-explore the lovely place. Here are some photos of my trip and I hope you enjoy scrolling through them.

(Love the sloped building, Amsterdam's buildings are truly unique!)

 Passed this when walking into the centre from Amstel Station - crazy hairstyles!
 Cute and unique 'open' sign outside a shop
 Near Rembrandtplein

 The famous Amsterdam condomerie!
 Wonderful chocolate shop and patisserie near Dam Square - I LOVE their chocolate espresso!

 Outside the Stedelijk Museum - wonderful structures in a pond.

 En Route to the Stedelijk Museum - after 8 years of renovation, this beautiful art gallery recently opened and I enjoyed looking through all the works although I wasn't as blown away as I expected to be after hearing rave reviews!
Sitting on the IAmsterdam sign near the Rijksmuseum 

 Enjoying the Amsterdam Canal in the sun
Amsterdam's town hall (complete with unicorns!) near Dam Square
Hope you had a wonderful weekend too - I shall be posting more soon and get back into the rhythm of blogging!
Yinyin xx

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  1. gorgeous photos! One day i'd love to go to amsterdam :)

  2. Ooh pretty pictures! I visited Amsterdam too last year and I loved the place- such friendly people! =D nice to see you enjoyed yourself! =D

  3. what a nice post....I loved your pictures...
    I believe that you have spent yr time there amazing.I hope some day I will go there..

    would you like to follow each other?
    let me know...

    kisses V.

  4. Oh my! This is wonderful! I have always dreamed of going to Amsterdam! I'm so glad to check this out! Beautiful places, very scenic! Not to mention the food they sell there is the real deal! Yummy! ♥

    Amazing shots! I am so impressed!



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