Thursday, 25 April 2013

Online Shopping Sites

I've stumbled across another few awesome online shops as of late!


Breaking Rocks Clothing

Not a huge amount of merchandise...well at the moment its 4 items but oh my goodness they make the most WONDERFUL sweaters!

This one is a definite favourite of mine.

Can't express my desire to have a cat enough - they are so cute!
I've spent hours watching cat videos before - it's a dangerous obsession.


Oh my goodness these persian and exotic short hair kittens have the cutest little faces! Yes, I love ugly animals...!


Rowdy Bags

Rowdy Bags make the cutest little rucksacks and duffle bags. As a geographer, I have a deep love for the world map patterned ones but the general designs of the bag are really sweet and pretty awesome!


#Beloved Shirts

Beloved Shirts make the most AWESOME sweaters and accessories.
Yes some are cat related but the selection is pretty decent!

Hahah SLOTH!
Sloths are cool.


Have a great day!


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