Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Carmine Box Review


So recently, I decided to do a one off purchase of a Carmine Box - usually a subscription based service.

For £10 + p&p I received 5 luxury/full sized beauty samples and I've decided to post some photos and review the products here on my blog.

In terms of postage, packaging and timing - it was perfect. Very speedy, well packaged and it looked absolutely beautiful when it arrived! Very exciting stuff :)

The five products I received for the December box were:

JAPONESQUE Smudger Brush

I was really looking forward to receiving this however when I got it, it was really short! It was the size of a travel brush even though on the packaging it did not mention it being travel-sized at all.

The overall quality of this brush is fantastic though it hasn't become one of my absolute favourites - it'll just be a useful brush to take travelling I guess but nothing that special.

WELEDA Pomegranate Creamy Body Wash

This was the first thing that caught my eye in the box - I love the red bottle with gold wording! The smell of the shower gel is nice but at times I felt it smelt of artificial chemicals but it could possibly be due to me not being used to the smell of pomegranate. I don't usually like to stick my face into pomegranates to smell them...

Either way it's a lovely addition to my shower whenever I feel like smelling of pomegranate. :)

KMS California : FREE SHAPE Quick Blow Dry

My absolutely FAVOURITE beauty product in the box - this spray is AMAZING! Literally halved my blowdrying time and I TIMED IT! It only took me 5-7 minutes to dry my hair compared to the normal 10 minutes...EXCITING :)  That means I get up to 5 minutes more sleep in the morning - SCORE!

The full sized 200ml bottle costs £9.95 which I think is definitely a good deal - think of all the 5 minutes I could save!

TIME Technology Cream

Admittedly I haven't tried this one out as I've given it to my mum so I can't say much on it except it was a medium sixed sample about the size of the palm of my hand which was quite generous and the packaging is lovely. How good it is or how it smells? I can't tell you but hey...maybe you should try it? ;)

myface Blingtone Eyeshadow in Crystalline Green

At first, I didn't really take to the eyeshadow due to its light pigmentation when trying it out on my hand but after I applied it heavily to my eyelids, it looked absolutely beautiful - especially incorporated with some black in the corners and creaseline to create a smoky, sparkly look.

However be warned, there is A LOT of all out from all the silver glitter flecks so if you don't like looking glittery from your NOT buy this. Aside from that it's a lovely eyeshadow, full of glitter and looks fabulous on! For £6.66, it's quite a steep price for a low pigmentation eyeshadow but there are a huge selection of colours so the effects may be different with another colour. Overall a beautiful eyeshadow but I'd really love for it to be more pigmented and bright.

So my opinion on the Carmine Box? I really like it, though not all the products became my ultimate must-haves immediately, I'm definitely intrigued in possibly trying the January one. I really like how the products seem varied but still more aimed in make up as opposed to skincare because I don't really feel like I want to try new skincare products - I'm pretty content with my Body Shop seaweed collection at the moment.

I'd say give it a go - see how you feel. It's only around £12 altogether so it's a bit of fun and you get more than what you pay for in my opinon!

Hope you have a wonderful week,
Yinyin xxx

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