Sunday, 2 October 2011

My Babies :)

My Jeffery Campbell black leather Litas came on Thursday! I was so excited when I heard they had been delivered! 2 long weeks and £30 worth of import taxes for these BEAUTIFUL absolutely-worth-ever-penny shoes :)

I ordered them off NastyGal and it was all very smooth - I would definitely recommend getting tracking for the shipping because it's so much better knowing where your shoes are exactly!

Size wise, I think they're either perfect or at most 1/2 a size more than your normal size. I ordered an American Size 7 which is UK Size 4 and I am usually a Size 4 for heels/boots and 5 for all other shoes. The Size 7 was a perfect fit for me :)

Anyway, I'M HAPPY :)


  1. shoe porn <3 love them so much! how much were they altogether?! oxox

  2. About £165 after the stupid custom charges but worth every penny :')


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