Friday, 22 May 2015

Eurovision 2015 // My Top 3 Entries

Hello blogosphere!

So I have not blogged in a long, long time - final year at university has swept me away (and flown by) but I plan to document what I love yet again!

Eurovision semi-finals have been broadcasting this week and I am immensely excited for the final tomorrow! So I thought I'd list my Eurovision Top 3...


Nina Sublatti - Warrior

Strong and powerful song alongside Nina's edgy has won me over! Girl Power Nina!

Her performance on stage was also fantastic - definitely the type of song that appeals to me!

Good luck Georgia!


Aminata - Love Injected

Aminata, your dress though.
Again, another woman belting her emotions out on stage but I just her voice! It's really sweet but has such emotion and power when she sings the chorus!
Also in disbelief she's only a year older than me - bravo!

Good Luck Latvia!


Mans Zelmerlow - Heroes

Well, what can I say.
Mans you are the winner of this year to me - WHAT A SONG.

Initially gutted that he pipped Eric Saade to the post at Melodifestivalen to represent Sweden but 'Heroes' is fabulous, Mans is gorgeous and the visual effects are beautiful - truly a wonderful entry Sweden and my favourite of the year!

Stand-alone this song is already a tune in its own right and with Man's flawless performance at the semi-final, I truly believe this one could win. Although you can never predict what Europe unanimously want to win! ;)

Good Luck Sweden!

We are the heroes of our time!

I'm immensely excited to see all of these acts on Saturday evening and cheering on my No. 1 Sweden of course! They've got the best odds of winning BUT you never know - fingers crossed the bookies got it right! ;)

Happy Eurovision!

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Turning Twenty

Hello everyone!

So yesterday (Monday), I officially turned twenty and departed from my teenage years - emotional as it is, I have now successfully escaped being dubbed a "teen mum" ever in my life (which hopefully will be long!).

I decided to throw a summer garden party the day before and invited some of my school and university friends down to the leafy suburbs of London for some food, laughter and CHEER! After spending all of Saturday and Sunday morning making food and getting things ready, my mum, Matt and I were able to create an array of cakes, sandwiches, cocktail sausages, biscuits and more which definitely went down well with my friends!

Rainbow cupcakes, Hello Kitty biscuits and Orange Cupcakes

Cupcakes Galore

Rainbow Fruit Sticks

Can't quite express how awesome this world map/globe cake is - Matt did an awesome job!

Matt's amazing world map red-velvet cake!

FOOD (+tea)

Although it was stressful, once everyone was completed and people began to slowly arrive, we instantly knew all that effort was worth it and we had an awesome time!

Here are some of the slightly super fun (and possibly odd) highlights from the party!

My goodness, this was so scary because after this the wobbling began...actually thought I was going to fall face first into the ground!

Our attempt at an infinity scorp - almost there!

Pretty proud we managed to train enough people to put up two stunts together!

 Flying boys - those bases and backs are so strong - it's incredible! They had a ball up there though!

My birthday cupie!

So just like that, many hours flew by and my party officially ended - I had a blast and hope that everyone who came did as well! It was a shame that quite a few of my friends were away but hey - it's a summer baby problem! 

On my actual birthday, I ended up eating a lot.

Thanks to Matt for my lovely new dress - I love it!
I was so shocked that a boy could actually buy me something I'd like!

This duck at Hakkasan <3 p="">
Although, would I go again? Probably not of my own accord - I think it's a bit too catered towards British people, not so much for our Chinese tastes! That said, the duck and the dimsum were absolutely delicious though!

Thanks to everyone who made my birthday awesome!

Hopefully you enjoyed reading this super long, photo-filled post!

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Barcelona // Part One

Hello everybody!

So after my exams finished I relaxed (and became a lazy slug) and then jetted off to Barcelona for a few days! It was a wonderful trip and the weather was awesome - so hot and sunny!

Over the next three posts I will share my short but jam-packed trip there and hopefully you can get a taste of Barcelona from them!
First Stop: Sagrada Familia!

After seeing so many photos of this iconic neo-gothic cathedral designed by Gaudi, I was desperate to go and visit - and believe me, I was not let down! This cathedral is incredible - the intricate detail and almost alien design made it truly unique and beautiful. 

Gaudi designed this cathedral in the late 19th Century which is unbelievable as I could see this cathedral being in a sci-fi movie depicting the future!
Stained glass windows giving off a rainbow glow in the cathedral - so pretty!
I was absolutely in love with the stained glass windows and the rainbow lights they cast onto the white building interior - so beautiful!

Second Stop:  Barcelona Cathedral & Picasso Museum

After getting lost around the Sagrada Familia area for an hour while eating a pack of parma ham from a supermarket, we finally found a metro stop and went to the Barcelona Cathedral on the way to the Picasso Museum.

Although we didn't go inside it, the exterior was beautiful and it was big.

Then we moved on (while passing several art installations and pretty buildings) to the Picasso Museum - which was free for students which was awesome?!

 Random art installations we came across in the city!

Pretty streets and buildings - very European!

 After a long, tiring and exciting day of exploring/getting incredibly lost in Barcelona, we ended it with classic Spanish tapas and sangria - delicious!

You can't fault an icy cold glass of sangria and seafood after a long day of sightseeing!

Hope you enjoyed reading this post!
Have you been to Barcelona before?

Until next time!


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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Sunshine and Cheer // Post-Exam Fun


So my cousin and her friend have been staying at my house over the half term period so while the weather was beautiful, warm and sunny, I decided to teach them some simple cheerleading moves to do a prep so she could have an experience of flying!

Then of course, I messed about and wanted to try flying these really tall (and HEAVY) boys...and I could only take them to a thigh stand - I'm such a weakling! BUT HEY, after all, I'm not a base, I'm a flyer!

Last week we were trying 2 1/2 pyramids at practice and did this thigh-level one man lib thing so I decided to try it with my brother. This however led to this hilarious photo being taken where it looks like I'm crushing him with my joyful face and expression! (Mind the awful scale I'm pulling, jeans are not very mobilising!)

Cheerleading is addictive to say the least. Can't really express how much I love it in words although sometimes it is absolutely terrifying! It may seem easy to stand in a prep (first picture) but imagine if you were standing on your friend's shoulders...that's real high. At least much higher than most people stand on an unstable surface!

Casual fun practice sessions during the exam season have also been fun!

Not going to lie, this was absolutely terrifying but the coolest thing EVER!

DISCLAIMER: Please don't try these stunts at home unless you have someone with experience to teach you, are on a soft surface and have enough spotters (incase anyone falls). Cheerleading is a dangerous sport and can cause injury - people can fall from a great height.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

OOTD // Plaits and Peace Signs

Hello there!


Cannot believe I've finished my second year of university...time seriously flies when you're having fun!

 Here's an outfit I wore the other day! 

Really love this shirt from Monki that I bought off ASOS a couple of weeks ago - it's a love heart and peace sign print = LOVE!

See this on Instagram!

Printed Shirt: Monki (via ASOS)
Mom Shorts: ASOS
Necklace: Hong Kong

Bare-faced-ness! So comfortable not wearing make-up!

I also did my hair is plaits out of boredom but somehow it works quite well with this outfit! Go you boredom! :D

Hope you're having a good week so far and good luck to all of you who have exams yet to finish!
Extra luck to all those taking A2s or university finals - you will do excellently!

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